Agaba Shoe Maker was established in 2012 and has been producing leather Sandals, Gens Shoe. He owned 4 sewing machines, 3 scoring machines, 1 skiving machine, and 1 sole pressing. He employed 5 people and producing 20 pairs of shoes per day.
Batu Tannery PLC is a privately owned company engaged in the tanning of sheepskin, goatskin and cowhides.  The tannery is known for its high quality and capacity producing finished leather products for footwear uppers, gloves, purses, luggage, garments, belt and other uses for domestic and international markets and currently specialized more on cow hides.  The tannery used to export about 50% of its finished leather products to foreign market. The remaining 50% of the product is used to be distributed to the local shoe & Bag manufacturing companies which again export shoe and bag. Among these shoe manufacturing companies are Kangaroo Shoe factory is one. In 2017 our tannery certified QMS in ISO 9001:2015. The company’s achievement of targets relies on its ability to undertake the following major activities: Improving the quality of Batu’s products Improving productivity to meet international Standards. To search new markets To have quality certificate... More
Bless Leather Handcrafts
Bless Leather Handcrafts was established in July 2018 by a woman entrepreneur, Senait Mekonnen. Bless is currently manufacturing leather goods laptop bags, ladies bags, gym bags, back bags, toiletry bags, Belts, Wallets, key holders, and so on...
Dokmai Rwanda Ltd.
Dokmai had been founded in 2014 as a private, family owned limited company by Mrs UMUNYANA Bernadette Dokmai is a newcomer in Rwanda, but the company has its roots in Laos. For 8 years Dokmai produced Fair Trade handmade goods, specializing in hand-woven and naturally dyed silk products following both traditional styles and en vogue fashion. In 2014, Bernadette Umunyana left South East Asia and decided to restart a new handicraft business aiming at attracting the attention of the international community for the beauty of Rwanda in promoting exquisite handicraft products inspired by the splendor of the country of a thousand hills. After a survey of the existing local handicraft market and of potential opportunities and niches Umunyana decided that the leather fashion sector was most promising to attract local and also international customers. Today, Dokmai Rwanda is pushing forward a “Made in Rwanda” aesthetic by working with local artisan using local raw materials Our products are handmade with... More
Faresole Uganda
Ladies Bags, Schools Shoes, Sandals, Gens Shoes
image Leatherland Limited ( LLL ) is a Private Limited Company established in 2010. It was in the business of stocking and selling industrial chemicals both in Uganda and internationally. In 2012, LLL ventured into the business of marketing of leather and associated products in a middleman position. This was a successful undertaking that the company made tremendous link and business for most African countries trading with various foreign companies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, among other destinations. In 2013, LLL ventured into the production of leather hand safety gloves mainly for the steel industry. In 2015, it moved to the manufacture of leather goods (bags, wallets, pouches, key holders, etc) for both local and international markets. In October 2017, LLL took over a full-scale modern factory in Masaka district from where they tan hides and skins into wet blue.   More
Queens Leather Company
Handbags LeatherJackets Sandals
Travilla Leather is established in 2011 and is producing Sandals, Back to School Shoes, Security Shoes. Currently, he has five full-time workers and others who used to be called when there are big orders. He is supplying industries and security companies and his biggest order up to now is 450 pairs at the same time for a single company. His dream with in the following five years is to grow his production to 250 pairs per day and to consistently fulfill orders coming at any time.
The Company was co-founded and is currently led by Japhet NIZEYIMANA and Marie Jeanne de Chantal UMUHORAKEYE (“the Founders”). The Founders are graduates in Development Studies and Law respectively and spent almost two years applying for jobs but searching in vain. The Founders identified a need for decent, affordable and long-lasting shoes. The Founders were also concerned about the jobless youth, especially those consuming drugs and illegal substances. The Founders worked in collaboration with peers and considered how they could solve both the problem of unemployment and satisfy the complaints of customers looking for shoes. Hence, in 2016 the Company was formed.
UZURI K & Y is an African inspired eco-shoe brad established in Rwanda since 2013. With a vision to brand Africa as an origin of sustainable footwear and a mission of crafting viable solutions to recycle tires into function footwear.   Currently it has a team of 40 people (25 female and 15 male) in shoe production and 13 people (9 female and 4 male) in sales and management. The company currently sells its products in mainly private retail stores located in Kigali Heights, Kigali Investment Company (former UTC), the Kigali International Airport as well as online to reach regional markets and international markets. Within 7 years, the company had made a direct impact on over 750 people through skills, employments and shoe donations. In 2018 it was named the best Made in Rwanda enterprise of the year and in 2019 it was part of the top 10 Netpreneur companies in Africa . "
Zambezi tanners
We are an Exotic tannery business located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Our vision is to - Become the leading supplier of QUALITY finished leathers to the nation and internationally. We process animal hides into finished leathers, meeting international quality standards. While Nile crocodile is at our core, we process a wide selection of other exotic hides. We are committed to Environmental, economic and social sustainability.