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Plot 582, Bombo Road, Kawemepe, Kampala District.
Kampala 27809


  • Leatherland Limited (LLL) is a Private Limited Company established in 2010. It was in the business of stocking and selling industrial chemicals both in Uganda and internationally.
  • In 2012, LLL ventured into the business of marketing of leather and associated products in a middleman position. This was a successful undertaking that the company made tremendous link and business for most African countries trading with various foreign companies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, among other destinations.
  • In 2013, LLL ventured into the production of leather hand safety gloves mainly for the steel industry.
  • In 2015, it moved to the manufacture of leather goods (bags, wallets, pouches, key holders, etc) for both local and international markets.
  • In October 2017, LLL took over a full-scale modern factory in Masaka district from where they tan hides and skins into wet blue.


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