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Batu Tannery PLC is a privately owned company engaged in the tanning of sheepskin, goatskin and cowhides.  The tannery is known for its high quality and capacity producing finished leather products for footwear uppers, gloves, purses, luggage, garments, belt and other uses for domestic and international markets and currently specialized more on cow hides. 

The tannery used to export about 50% of its finished leather products to foreign market. The remaining 50% of the product is used to be distributed to the local shoe & Bag manufacturing companies which again export shoe and bag. Among these shoe manufacturing companies are Kangaroo Shoe factory is one. In 2017 our tannery certified QMS in ISO 9001:2015.

The company’s achievement of targets relies on its ability to undertake the following major activities:

  • Improving the quality of Batu’s products
  • Improving productivity to meet international Standards.
  • To search new markets
  • To have quality certificate on environment and keep working on QMS in ISO 9001:2015

Background of Batu tannery p.l.c

Batu tannery is now owned by General Manager Mr.TatekYirga and Deputive Manager Mr. Ephrem Yirga. It is established in 1992 E.C. with a fully paid up capital of Birr 22,000,000.  The entrepreneur the late Ato Yirga Haile established the tannery with the objective of capitalizing the market potential of the leather Industry in Ethiopia.

Batu tannery is a privately owned company engaged in the tanning of sheepskin, goatskin and cowhides. The tannery is producing finished hides &skin products for footwear uppers, gloves, purses, luggage, garments, belt and other uses for domestic and international markets.  The tannery used to export finished products leathers for different countries of Europe and Asia.

Batu tannery has a capacity of processing 3000 sheep skins, 1000 goat skin & 1200 cowhides per day. The tannery is processing hides and skins in a chain of processing machineries in two compounds. The complete finishing tannery has a branch in Akaki. The tannery machineries are more or less better technologies available on market. The product especially for the production of cow hide, sheep upper and goat suede which need a higher level of quality is produced in the tannery. The product is highly demanded by the big Asian and European buyers.

  • Goals and Objective
  • Human and Other  resources capacity of the firm
  • Organization and Management
  • Current capacity

Short Term

  • To improve the technical Excellence.
  • To address the shortcomings associated with production (Sheep, Goat and Cow).
  • To minimize wastage of material and increase product efficiency & productivity.
  • To manage and clear the semi processed inventory.
  • To develop a simple but effective quality control system in the tannery in general.
  • To develop new articles based on crust and finished leather with increased focus on export.

Long Term

  • To Sustain and improve the technical competency on continuous basis.
  • Consistent and competent finished products with increased focus on productivity.
  • To put in place an effective  QMS and EMS
  • Export (100%) of goat and sheep based articles for global market
  • Significant share in cow based articles for domestic and continental market.
  • Cleaner leather production as per the established Eco-norms/Reach protocol
  • EMS as per the Government norms
  • To have an effective inventory management system and meeting the delivery schedule.
  • To explore the options to recycle leather by-products.

 Man power

  • Organization
  • Management

Batu tannery has 400 permanent & casual employees.  There are four senior managers including the D/GM., Six middle level managers, 40 other administrative staff members and lower level managers and more than 350 production employees including the section heads, team leaders and production floor employees. Most of the employees are young and capable of performing their own duties and responsibilities effectively.

Batu tannery is led by the owner General Manager. Under the General Manager there are D/General Manager & four Departments which are organized functionally. The Finance, Human resource, Factory Manager, and Commercial departments are four functionally organized departments under the General Manager. There are also Service Units such as Legal Service and Audit Service units directly accountable to the General Manager. Each Department is also organized into divisions and sections.

The company is managed by Owner manager; under the General Manager there are well qualified and experienced department managers who have sufficient and relevant years of experience.  All of the Department Managers have BA degree and above educational qualification in relevant fields. Their work experience on average is 12 years. The middle level managers are also degree holders in their respective assignments.  The bottom line workers are also trained employees who are getting the experience of leather technology from time to time. The tannery is used to upgrade its technical and commercial employee capacity through a short-term training program from the Ethiopian Leather and Leather Products Technology Institute.

There is a smooth relation between the management and employees. There is no any trade dispute so far between the management and the employees. The incentives given to the employees and carrier opportunity offered to employees made the company effective in its operation and created industry peace in the company.

Input capacity = 1200 full hide= 30,000sqft/day

Retanning and dying = 40,000 sqft

Finishing capacity = 45,000 sqft

Our Tannery on Machine base status

  • With well equipped Italian Machinery
  • With well trained leather technicians
  • Has got a good experience of internal business
  • On the way of full filling LWG requirements
  • Waste water treatment plant

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